August 28, 2014

mirror lake 14

mirror lake has to be my favorite ever. 
its so beautiful there. 
i love it for so many reasons. 
the smell, the campfires, the no cell phone service, the togetherness. 
i love it all. i tell you though i've loved it 83477595 more times now that i have a little partner in crime that goes with me. i'm so thankful hubby likes to go camping and that we share the same interest. he loves camping and he likes to fish. so i picked a winner. 
mirror lake last years blog post HERE
^^when we first got there my little brothers and dad were already up there so camp was already set up. (bonus!) brandon got that lantern at a work party i can't even began to say how excited he was to open and use it. it was like christmas morning to him. not even kidding. 
so of course all the boys had to join him.^^
^^every morning the boys get up early and go fishing. ps check out that blue water!^^
^^hhahahahhaha oh the blue tarp.^^
^^my dad caught this fish and he was kind enough to let me take a picture with it!^^
^^baby karter came up for the day and he did so good. such a sweet baby.^^
^^cute little brother^^
^^one of my favorite things is when hubby and i go for a canoe ride!^^
^^brandon caught a fish... ha ha his determination to get that hook out is cute.^^
^^brandon made a excellent fire and lets just say he was so excited. he is such a little boy.^^
^^caught another one and so happy!^^
love this lover boy of mine. 
mirror lake keeping being great! 


  1. UMM I want to go! It's so beautiful!!!!

  2. oh my goodness, how beautiful!!!! Where is this at? I would LOVE LOVE to go there one day and camp out and canoe. We should totally be friends in real life cause I feel we would have so much fun together =]


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