August 28, 2015

mirror lake: part one!

last week we went camping for a whole week! 
i have never gone for a whole week before it was nice and relaxing. 
by the end of the week i wanted a nice long hot shower and to not smell like campfire smoke but other than that it was a lovely time and little andrew is hands down the best camper ever. 
we went at the first of the week with my dad and little brother. the rest of the clan came up on thursday and friday. below are some photos from the first of the week. 
mirror lake 2014 found here
mirror lake 2013 found here 
^^already a little fisher. ha^^
^^andrew's face in this photo.hahahah^^
^^the trees just went on and on. it's beautiful and scary to me too and i always think "okay so how many bears are out there." ha ha^^
^^my two favorite men!^^
^^he's so proud of daddy and grandpa for the fish they caught! haha^^
^^we let him touch a fish and he didn't act like he hated it or loved it, he was more just wanting to touch the fish and when we took the fish away he cried. ha!^^
^^gimme that fish!^^
^^playing cards with grandpa!^^
^^dutch oven pizza is a must try once in your life!^^
my world. my peeps.
love camping and love camping with them. 
part 2 coming up! 

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