August 6, 2015

just some silly questions

i kept seeing these little questions all over the internet to ask your hubby so i decided to. 
you're suppose to do it without prompting and write exactly down what they say! 
here was his answers. 

1. what is something your wife always says to you? 
lyrics of taylor swift songs

2. what makes your wife happy?
being with her son

3. what makes your wife sad?
not being with her son

4. how does your wife make you laugh? 
when she reacts to people good or bad

5.what was your wife like as a child? 
always getting her way old is your wife?

7. how tall is your wife? 

8. what does your wife do when you're not around?
takes naps with andrew

9. what is her favorite thing to do?
go get a snowcone

10. if your wife becomes famous, what will it be for? 
being taylor swifts best friend

11. what is your wife really good at? 
crafting and blogging

12. what is your wife not very good at? 

13.  what does your wife do for a job? 
is a mother

14. what is your wife's favorite food? 
cheese and mustard or pickles

15. what makes you proud of your wife? 
when andrew finds her in a crowd when she's not holding him

16. if you wife were a character, who would she be? 

17. what do you and your wife do together? 

18. how are you and your wife the same? 
we both like to watch movies

19. how are you and your wife different? 
i'm a early bird and she isn't

20. how do you know your wife loves you? 
when she gives me that look. that cheesy smiley and when she makes my lunches

21. what does your wife like most about you? 
that i'm a good dad

22. where is your wife's favorite place to go? 
home, hooper or camping 

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