July 17, 2015

happy 4 months andrew!

happy 4 months baby boy! 
time needs to slow waaaaaay down. goodness babies grow up way to fast. 
i want him to stay little forever. i love this little stage he's at right now. 
andrew we just adore you more than you'll ever know. 
*little andrew within the last month*
-giggled for the first time over daddy coughing 
-he's a boy and sure does fart's a lot 
-loves to grab his toes whenever he is laying down or getting a diaper change 
-sucks on his fingers and toes all the time
-started wearing size 2 diapers 
-can roll over from his tummy to his back and can almost roll from back to his tummy (but he still needs are help to do that) 
-likes to watch videos of himself 
-his first tooth is coming in 
-loves loves loves to stand 
-eats every 2-3 hours during the day and at night every 4-5 hours 
-naps for 45 minutes and takes one 2-3 hour nap during the day 
-super smiley 
-got 2 shots
-got one oral shot 
-weighs 13 pounds and 7 ounces 
-26 inches for his height
-13% weight, 87% height, 98% head ha 
-talks all the time 
-loves his toy football
-still loves his mama the most (which i LOVE.) 
stay little forever andrew. 
we just completely adore you! 
*last month update found HERE*


  1. Replies
    1. lacey, you have no idea. you'll see at downata how much he does!!!


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