June 8, 2014

anniversary weekend!

brandon and I have been married for one whole year now! 
it blows my mind away and i love it! 
we had such a great first anniversary weekend getaway.
it was simple and perfect and chill just what we wanted. 
we decided to go to park city and have a few days up there. when we first got there we went and saw this beautiful white barn! I've heard so much about it and seen plenty of pictures 
so i was so happy to see it. the barn is huuuuuge. 
but my favorite thing about it was the little white house with the little wrapped around porch. 
^^my dream one day will to own a white house with a porch!^^
^^this hotel was the BEST. so many cool hot tubs.^^
^^the hotel!^^
^^i did some research and i was told that java cow had the best ice cream and boy oh boy was that correct! it was sooo yummy!^^
^^silly swimming suit picture.^^
^^park city has the coolest color houses ever.^^
^^morning of the anniversary we went and ate a good little breakfast 
and went swimming for the first 2 or 3 hours!^^
^^later that day we decided to do the alpine slides and the coaster.^^
^^he was so nice and pulled mine too!^^
^^me going down.. brandon beat me down. ha ha!^^
^^seriously that slide was so fun! hands down the best one!^^
^^wasn't suppose to take pictures while on the thing but he was so cute riding that!^^
^^this is the best lunch area around the slides.. so GOOD!^^
^^and yummy milkshakes!^^
^^after the slides we went shopping. oh man i do love my shopping.^^
^^husbands favorite store!^^
^^ate dinner at a super fancy restaurant!^^
^^see... pretty right?!^^
^^we told them it was our anniversary and we got a free piece of cake and a candle!^^
^^hubby got me a really cool present. whaooo!^^
^^we saved the top of our cake and ate some of it a whole year later. it was surprisingly good!^^
thanks for a wonderful first anniversary husband! 
i can't wait for the many more to come! 
wedding reminiscing HERE


  1. Happy anniversary! Sounds like you guys had so much fun! :) Is that the Alpine Slide or is there more than one up there? My husband looked over and saw the pictures and now he wants to go haha :)

  2. Happy anniversary! It looks like you guys had an amazing time!


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