August 7, 2015

shaggy hair, haircut and teenager status.

my little boy got his first haircut. 
it was a good thing and a bad thing i'd say.
he went from a little baby with shaggy hair to a full on looking teenager. 
but it was time to cut his hair it was getting in his eyes and it was waaay past his ears. 
never would have thought i'd have a baby and at 4 months he'd need a haircut! ha 
^^first time the trimmers turned on. full on terror. haha^^
^^he was not a fan of the haircut to say the least but good thing aunt jessie is the best at hair!^^
annnnnnd bam teenager. 
two teeth and a haircut that boys in california have.
we might as well be picking out what college to send him too. ha
his hair looks a lot blonder now. my little blue eyed blonde hair baby.
please please stay little FOREVER. 
your mama is begging you. xo

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