August 26, 2015

alpine slides!

we went camping for a whole week last week and during the week we decided to run over to park city for a couple hours since it was only 45 minutes from our campground. 
of course we had to stop at the nike outlet and i ran into carters and got some things for my little spoiled baby and grabbed some yummy lunch.
 we also decided to do the alpine slides. i've done them once for our first anniversary and let me just say those dang things are so fun. ha ha i raced brandon and he won. luke and lane raced each other and luke whopped lane. ha ha after that we watched my parents go down with amelia and my goodness that little girl loved it. 
it was a lovely sunny day at park city. photos from the day below! 
my little love. 
he likes to kiss his mama more like try and eat his mama. ha! 
but its whatever i'll take it. 

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