August 13, 2013

Mirror Lake 2013

 Lets just take a moment to appreciate all the hard work god did/does for us. Seriously, its moments like these that really make me realize how blessed we are. God could have just stuck us on a planet with nothing, but instead created beautiful lakes and mountains for us to enjoy + much more. 
    Every year we go to Mirror Lake in mid-August and every time I look forward to it. For so many       reasons. No cell phone service, best camping food ever, the water, the fish, and simply just the wild mountain life it has to offer. I'm so thankful my family does little camping trips like these. 

^^and that's why its called Mirror Lake^^
  Brandon is so cute. He's trying/becoming a cute little fisherman like my brothers and dad. I use to         hate going fishing, and now I don't hate it, buuuut if you keep me fishing for over a hour I might start     getting impatient. Sometimes its like fishy's where are you, come get the yummy bait, and then bam.      nothing. I guess i'm just not patience. But sometimes your lucky and you get a bight, and then that's when the real fun happens.  

                                       ^^I always feel so bad for the little guys after we kill them.^^
^^my two favorite men^^
^^don't you just love how you look when you go camping??!!^^
   I know this photo might look fake, but its not. My cousin Jordan captured it. The stars there at night are simply breathtaking, that really is the only word to describe them. It blows your mind away. Husband and I just kept was a very nice moment. 
On the way home we got stuck in traffic and was told it would be 20 mins before we could get out.
It was the Tour of Utah Bike Ride. So instead of sitting in the car forever, we decided to grab some treats, lawn chairs and go watch, and boy was that exciting. Those bikers are so in shape its nuts! 
Very Very talented, it was a neat experience to watch. 
Well Mirror Lake you never let me down, thanks for all the fun and adventure you give to us! 

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