December 8, 2014


brandon wins best husband of the year award. seriously. 
he surprised me with a last minute trip to California. one last little hoorah before the baby comes. 
he picked the perfect weekend to go. before all the christmas holiday parties and before thanksgiving and even before i got way to fat and wasn't able to fly anymore.
^^the night he told me he said jennie come get the ice cream out of the freezer i thought that was weird because clearly he was capable of getting it out himself and i noticed this on the calendar and literally my heart stopped. i thought it was a joke! i've never been to san diego before!^^
^^we flew into california that friday afternoon and was leaving to come home tuesday.
 it was a perfect weekend gateaway. 
this was me on the hotel bed looking at all the flyers planning out the trip.!^^
^^that first day we got there we went to the hotel and checked in and then went down to seaport village and walked around by the bay and ate dinner at this pizza/pasta place. it was amaaazzzing. ever since baby has been in my tummy i'm all about pizza. weird. i know. we ate outside on the outside tables overlooking the ocean. it was a beautiful night and not even cold even though i look like i was. after dinner we decided to go to the movies and watch hunger games. it was gooood.^^
first night was chill and fun. 
anything with my lover is. and yes i just did call him lover. 

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