December 9, 2014

babymoon: san diego zoo!

we went on a little babymoon to san diego! it was so fun and i've never been to S.D. 
the first day we decided to go to the zoo. oh my goodness it was HUGE. if you wanna see a huge zoo that feels like it goes for miles and miles then this is your place. it was so fun to see all the animals. some i've never seen before which was neat. the weather was perfect that day. it was such a treat. 
^^alrighty i'm not sure what these are called but they're off lion king and my goodness we spent 10 minutes watching these little things. they dug so fast and would sit up tall and just look at us. 
we kinda loved them.^^
^^when we got to the polar bears there was 2 of them and everyone was over to the glass watching one and brandon and i decided to stay put and watch from aside and the other polar bear that was in the back that no one could really see all of a sudden gets up and comes into the water and comes right up to the glass where we were. it was so cool. 
it stayed right by us and that thing was HUGE^^
^^was so happy about seeing flamingos! i never have before!^^
^^next was the hippos! he was totally passed out against the glass. ha ha just sleeping away. i look so tiny compared to that hippo! he was one big guy.^^
^^my favorite thing was these monkeys. they were so involved with us. this little guy stayed right up against the fence and smiled for us. he put on a show. we stayed around and watched these monkeys for 20 minutes. they were so cute! 
^^for lunch we had hamburgers and fries which were sooo good.^^
^^i've always loved giraffes!^^
^^the only line for any animal was the panda bear and it was only about 5 minutes which wasn't bad. ps. look at that bump!^^
^^at the end of the day we rode across on the skyline!^^

thanks for a good time san diego zoo


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