December 16, 2014

babymoon: sea world!

on the last day of the babymoon at san diego we went to sea world. 
it was a blast! i had never been there and brandon went when he was really little so he didn't remember much. it was really cool. in the next life i would like my job to be a dolphin trainer. 
honestly. sign me up. it was really neat to see all the animals do tricks. it blew my mind away that they could teach a huge whale to do those things and same with a tiny otter. i was so impressed! 
^^waiting in line for the first whale show!^^
^^people are crazy. sitting in the splash zone. no thank you!^^
^^the only ride i could go on was the one that carried us across and back. it was beautiful!^^
^^goodbye to seeing my feet! ha ha^^
^^how impressive right?! brandon loved the sea lion shows!^^
^^this is the moment were i was WHAAASAHSJSJT. HOW COOL!^^
^^friends. if you're ever at disneyland or sea world get one of these. yes it might cost like $7 dollars but its so totally worth it. they're amazing. if i could i would have one once a week!^^

sea world you're rad and so much fun. 
that's all for the babymoon pictures! 
thanks for taking me hubby and surprising me. really it was the sweetest thing. 

1 comment:

  1. Looks like fun!

    Um yeah, crazies in the splash zone!


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