December 21, 2014

family christmas party 14'

family christmas parties are the best. 
my side of my family with all my cousins and aunts, grandparents, etc is huge and always a lot of fun. this year it was at my grandmas church. the boys played football, basketball. we ate tons of goodies and food. (like we always do) and we played a few games. we did a candy cane pass game and also a relay race. it was super fun and hilarious if i might add. love my crazy family. 
last years party found HERE
^^this photo looks like they were mad at me for stopping there game to take a picture but really they were yelling at my brother luke right by me to go play with them! ha^^
^^i mean how cute are they??!!^^
^^hahahahhahahahahahhahaha get the cookie from forehead to mouth!^^
^^Amelia helping mom!^^
^^best moment.^^
^^my two cousins and I are all pregnant at the same time! Stacey (far left) is due in January and becky (far right) is due in april! 
^^she really is the light of our lives. we love you little Amelia!^^
^^thanks grandma for the stockings and baby gifts!^^

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  1. So true! Spending Christmas with your family is really the best way to celebrate the holiday. Anyway, it's nice to see that the boys didn't lose their athletic sides to the holiday cheers. It seems football isn't a sport you can shrug off so easily. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing all the fun, Jennie! I hope you get to enjoy more moments like that. All the best to your family! :)

    Greg Carlson @ Head Case Company


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