December 14, 2014

babymoon: sunday in san diego!

on sunday we decided to keep it low key because it was sunday and we were a little worn out from all the walking around at the zoo. we decided to go visit the san diego temple. both of us have never been there before so we decided to go see it. my goodness it was a trip. from our hotel to the temple was about 20 minutes it took us a total of 6 hours there and back. we had to take buses and taxis but on this day we took a buss and it took 34535 years it felt like to get somewhat close to the temple. i was starting to get annoyed so we got off the bus and walked a few miles to the temple. alrighty, tip one. never do that when pregnant. i thought i was going to die. no joke. we finally got there and it was beautiful just like all the pictures. after that we left and journeyed back to the hotel. ate lunch and rested and went to seaport village that night and to yummy dinner afterward. 
here are some photos of the day. 
^^before i forget the night we got back from the zoo we order cheese cake factory and after got ice cream and enjoyed a night in the hotel. it was a lot of fun and very relaxing after a long day!^^
^^23 week baby bump back then!^^
^^finally made it!^^
^^finally on our way back!^^
^^this night was perfect. the weather was just right and it made up for such a long day!^^
^^we rode one of these awesome bike things to dinner. it was a lot of fun!^^
blurry but good. 
after a long day looking back it was a really great day. 
babymoons are much needed for everyone i think. 


  1. Where did you get your LOVE shirt from? I think it looks so comfortable. I can't wait til I can have a babymoon :) happy for you two!

    1. I got it at forever 21 probably close to two year ago :) it is so comfy! I'm always in it. Ps! HAVE A BABY!!! :)))


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