December 28, 2014

28 Weeks!

28 weeks! 
oh my oh my! 
wasn't i just 22 weeks? man this little bump has grown! i'm now at the point where i'm like....
"i'm so fat." ha ha christmas time was a good time. it was one of my favorite christmas's. everything turned out perfect. this picture was taken on christmas eve. on the actual christmas day baby boy was moving and pushing and stretching like CRAZY all day long. i'm not even kidding. he sure is a little mover but my goodness never that crazy like he was on christmas day. (i'm pretty sure he was loving the ham and all the goodies!) we love you baby boy. 
you already have your mama's and daddys heart. 
how far along are you? 28 weeks aka six and a half months! 
gender? BOY! 
how big is baby? head of a cauliflower (16 in, 2.5 lbs)
maternity clothes? YES. well only maternity jeans. i should have bought those long ago. 
sleep? its still my favorite thing to do but still having to make a trip to the bathroom and is starting to get uncomfortable. thank you hubby for a body pillow! 
movement? oh my yes. karate kicker. 
weight gain? i'm so proud of myself on this one. 6 pounds at our last appointment. 
so total 14 pounds i think! 
food cravings? nothing specific just love food. oink oink! ha 
food aversions? nothing really. which is awesome
belly button in or out? still in! but doubt that stays like that ha 
best moment this week? christmas day feeling my little man all day long! 
what am i looking forward to? painting the baby's room this week (hopefully!) 
and setting up the crib! 

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