December 5, 2014

christmas decorating!

christmas time is my favorite time. 
and its also my favorite time to decorate the house it beats any holiday hands down. 
my favorite thing it to take everything out of the box and set it on the floor and take a good look at everything before i put it up. brandon thinks i'm wasting time and when i pull them out i should go directly and set them up buuuuut what would be the fun in that? ha ha call me crazy. 
^^i love that brandon wants to help with decorating the house and the tree, thank you hubby!^^
^^please check out that belly! mister baby grange is growing like a weed!^^
its crazy to think next year when we're decorating their is going to be a little human watching or sleeping while we decorate. can't even began to say how excited i am for that. 


  1. I love your tree! The green and blue (purple?) lights are really unique.

    1. We have blue, green, red and yellow lights :) and if we want we could switch it to white but I like color. :) thank you!


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