November 16, 2014

22 weeks!

baby bump baby bump! 
hello 22 weeks... technically i started 22 on Thursday but hey finally getting around to saying something bout it! we sure do have a little mover in there. i love his kicks, 
on friday we spent 3 + hours at fabric stores looking for things for the nursery crib skirts, baby quilt, etc. and to my luck we actually found stuff! i was so relieved because i was going in with the expectation of not getting anything. so happy! thanks mama for your help again with all this! 
 i can't wait to start his little room. 
for the main questions everything is the same we go to the doctors tuesday so lets hope i have gained more than a pound! ha ha 
ps. i've been liking pizza way to much to my liking lately.  
thee end. 


  1. Aww check out that wee bump growing nicely! Congratulations to the both of you, exciting times :)


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