March 30, 2016

easter + mama's birthday party!

last weekend we did our annual easter party/ my mom's birthday party! 
i look forward to this every year. 
we color eggs and have the best easter egg hunt
 and a yummy dinner and all my siblings are together! 
this one was extra special cause we found out the BEST news!
i took a billion photos but it really was such a fun day and everything needed to be document ha! 
photos of the day below!
^^andrew's first time coloring easter eggs. he only did about one because he kept trying to grab the cups that had the colors in it! holidays with a child is so fun! can't wait till next year!^^
^^no words for this turkey!^^
^^dropping the easter egg in!^^
^^cutest little naked boys^^
^^i love my sister!^^
^^best daddy ever!^^
^^every year my dad does a tractor easter egg!^^
^^andrew doing his first easter egg hunt. he only cared to grab like one 
and after that he just wanted to walk around the yard!^^
^^going on an easter egg hunt! 
ps. thanks mom for doing an easter egg hunt. i look forward to it every year!^^
^^my most favorite little boy in the world!^^
^^my happiness in one photo!^^
^^love my jakey!^^
^^all i can think of when i see this photo is... fear the beard. ha!^^
^^my brother and sister in law brought a pinata for the whole family and all the little grandkids had a turn and then i went next and on my second hit bam it opened. and what do you know... my brother and sister in law are going to have a baby girl!!!! I'M SO HAPPY.^^
^^it took me a minute. i looked down and saw pieces of paper in it so i started to read them.....^^
^^is this for real!??!!^^
^^guys i'm not kidding when i say i'm really so excited!^^
^^everyone was so surprised and i'm just so happy for you jake and jyl. 
i can't wait to spoil that little girl.^^
^^andrew is so happy for his little girl cousin to come too!^^
^^andrew's first tractor ride... he wasn't so sure about it. ha 
he better get sure cause he will be going on lots of tractor rides with grandpa this summer!^^
^^my lovely sister in laws!^^
^^andrew's first time riding a horse which lasted about 2 seconds cause he wasn't a fan at all!
i don't blame you kid.^^
^^love my little fam^^
^^if you know me you know i really don't like horses. they freak me out. ha ha but i guess if i'm going to ride a horse i'd feel safest with my older brother!^^
^^can't smile for one flipping photo.... terds!^^
her birthday isn't tell tomorrow but with everyone in school and jobs
 and one that live far away we had to celebrate early. 
it was the best easter/ birthday party day ever.
last years easter party can be found HERE (andrew was such a little guy... waaaah!)
and the easter party from two years ago found HERE 

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