March 7, 2016

oh this kid.

 my baby is going to be one in 10 days. 
TEN FLIPPING DAYS. he's been sleeping, poopin, breathin on this earth for almost a whole year! 
fastest best year of my entire life. 
i snapped these photos of andrew yesterday and i think these photos show his little personailty quite well. he's a hoot. brandon and i always thought he was going to be a quite little thing but he's more opposite of that. he's a talker... more like yeller ha and he keeps me on my toes already. 
but i sure do love him.. 
and that photo above? um no longer a baby. full on little boy. waaaaaaah! 
 ^^yes i will eat him.^^
^^his little serious face.^^
^^just breaking my mama heart into a million little pieces with that smile.^^
^^him yelling..... he sure wants his voice to be heard! ha!^^
my mother says he's taking after me. ha! 
not sure what she means by that but i love this silly goofy baby so much! 
anyone know how to freeze time...if so just let me know. 

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