April 21, 2014

easter weekend!

easter weekend was oh so good! i love holidays so much! everything is just so fun with holidays, really though. we started the weekend by coloring eggs at my mama's then we went and watched our little niece go around and find a few eggs. she was so darn cute. and we also played around on the playground at my parents with everyone. we had a great time oh and lets not forget the yummiest cook out ever. 
easter sunday we went to church to celebrate the real meaning of easter and it was lovely. all our primary kids were just the sweetest talking about the easter bunny and everything it was a good time. 
after we came home and easter bunny had came and dropped off some baskets! i'm so glad i have 
a fun husband who celebrates easter with me even when we don't have kids or live with the parents. i'm a lucky gal to have him. 
after we went to my lovely in laws for a yummy lunch and hung out with them and it was fun! 
after that we went to my parents and had a great easter dinner! the easter bunny left us some kites so after dinner we went and flew the kites! it was such a good day. love easter and love Christ! 
here are the photos from the easter weekend! 
^^she was so cute. all she wanted was to color and dye the eggs blue! ha ha^^
^^my sister made this awesome bunny cake! isn't she talented!?^^
^^so so many colors!^^
^^grange's est. 2013^^
^^my favorite peeps!^^
^^all the eggs me and husband colored!^^
^^tell me thats not the cutest thing ever!?^^
^^love all of them!^^
Easter Sunday!
^^#becauseofhim i get to spend forever with this handsome hunk!^^
^^easter lovin with my lovin!^^
happy easter and love everyone who made this easter so great! 


  1. Love all those pretty eggs! And that pretty yellow dress just looks darling on you! Happy Easter to you and your hubs!


  2. Love your yellow dress! It's so perfect for spring and Easter! :)


  3. Those are my favorite drinks!
    Love the dress ;)



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