March 17, 2016

happy 12 months andrew!

my baby is ONE YEAR OLD!!!! 
how in the world did one year go that fast? its been the best year of my entire life. 
i may have got less sleep than i ever have but its been entirely worth it. 
i love you so much andrew grange! 
you have made me a better person and i just LOVE YOU. 
happy first birthday my little love. 
*little andrew within the last month*
-barks all the time. he LOVES dogs.. like obsessed and its the cutest thing
-can stand on his own for awhile now
-can walk a few steps... he's getting better every day!
-started to squeeze when he gives hugs (melts my heart!)
-has learned to go down off the bed
-when throwing a fit he has started to bang his head against things. ha!
-is scared of chickens
-weighs 20 pounds
-learned to flush the toilet
-is 29 1/2 inches tall
-has 8 teeth
-he "cheeses" at the camera
-loves to read.... favorite book is where is spot!
-takes two naps a day
-has started to sleep through the night!
-wearing 12 month clothing
-size 3 diapers
-took him swimming and he enjoyed it
-can say dada and mama and i swear he can say doggie... doesn't sound exactly like it but hey!
-yells all the time. he's a chit chatter.
i made a little video of andrew at each month mark. i'm so glad i have photos but also these little films of him to see exactly how little he was. boy this year went fast!
below is the video! enjoy!
HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY ANDREW!! now lets go party!
i love you.


  1. Love your video....Aunt Lori

  2. Happy Birthday, Andrew!!

    Amy @


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