March 24, 2016

andrew's smash cake!

we got andrew a little smash cake and let me tell you he was all about it! 
we put a number one candle on the cake and when we tried taking it away oh boy he was not happy. 
we realized afterwards we probably should have took it away sooner... he had ate some of the candle! 
ha! oops... brandon said it was a candy candle though? who knows! 
he's the cutest little boy and i'm so happy he's ours. 
still can't believe my baby is one! 
video below! 
ps. when he yells in the video.. that's andrew just being andrew. 
he's a yeller and we love it. 
enjoy! the end is the best! 
song by: happy birthday by the beatles
i love you little yeller. 

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