March 1, 2016

ice cream and a painting weekend!

this last weekend was oh so good! 
i love good weekends. they make my heart so happy! 
on friday we had to do a quick costco run and afterwards we stopped at farr's. 
i've had a $6 dollars off coupon to that place for about two and half years now and we finally used it! 
andrew was all about taste testing the ice cream. ha! 
i got two flavors... cake batter (which was the best cake batter ice cream i've ever had!) 
and dole whip pineapple kind (like disneyland) it seriously tasted just like it! 
brandon on the other hand is more of a chocolate/caramel kinda guy
so andrew was in heaven trying both of ours! 
and this weather lately? my goodness i'm in LOVE. 
saturday late afternoon brandon's grandma was having a painting night for the ladies at liquid canvas. 
they have an instructor that gives you steps by steps of what to paint 
and at the end you have created a master piece. ha!  
i'm not a painter at all like this. give me some wood and i can paint on that but painting on a canvas is not my strong suit. it was still a lot of fun to do and paint like that and try something new!
 i also had a great time with my sister in law. she has the talent of painting that's for sure! 
i think i was doing pretty dang good until those dang trees. 
trees are actually quite hard to paint but in the end i kinda like my thick forest. ha!  
brandon was all about my painting when i got home... 
not sure if he was just being a good husband or if he's serious. 
he even picked out a spot for it to go! ha
it was a fun night minus the fact i had to leave the hubs and my little love.
but i brought them home ice cream so i think they forgave me 
or more like me forgiving myself for leaving them. ha!  
happy heart from a good weekend. 
now bring on spring!!!! 

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