April 13, 2015


my family had a little easter party! all of us were going to be gone for easter this year and my moms birthday was that week so we turned it into a birthday/easter party. it was a great time. i love more than anything when all my siblings are together. its my happy place. we had a good dinner and had the best easter egg hunt. thanks mama for doing that. i loved it! 
^^my other 2 favorite little boys!^^
^^she is the sweetest with him. melts my heart!^^
^^totally going to be a grandpa's boy.^^
^^baby model hair!^^
^^little Amelia holding up her basket kills me. love these peeps!^^
^^boys being boys^^
^^little andrew's first easter egg hunt!^^
^^family of 3! :)^^
it was a GREAT time! 

1 comment:

  1. Really though! His hair is the CUTEST!


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