April 11, 2016

gardner village!

for my mama's birthday a couple weeks ago we went to gardner village! 
that place is seriously my favorite and now that i'm attempting to be a little sewer that sewing store 
had me "oooh and aaahh" at everything! 
it was a fun time shopping with my sisters... we missed you shawnee! 
photos of the day below!
^^the cutest little gal. i sure do love her lots!^^
^^looking at the ducks in the pond!^^
^^birthday girl! and this amazing fabic store goodness i loved it. 
little andrew was asleep in the stroller then woke up once we got to this store. 
he stayed in the stroller for a minute than i took him out and goodness he was into everything!^^
^^my favorite picture of us 3!^^
^^a lovely timer picture... and my apologies for posing my leg like that.. hahaha^^
love you mom!

^^i think i've trained andrew when the camera is in his face to smile... ! ha!^^
^^all he wanted to do was to push around the stroller!^^
love my little buddy.

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