March 28, 2016

andrew's birthday!

andrew had the best little first birthday if i do say so myself. ha! 
on his actaul birthday it was a pretty chill day and later that weekend we celebrated with family!
on his birthday he woke up pretty early and i made him his favorite breakfast. he was in heaven! 
afterwards he was tired (dumb molars coming in!) and went down for a nap. 
it was a good day! we even took him to see some puppies and played outside. his two favorite things!  some photos of his birthday day and party below!
^^pancakes and strawberries and bananas!^^
^^we showed him his new rocking horse and he was like uh.... what is that!^^
^^he then warmed up to it! and even gave the horse kisses. it was the cutest!^^
^^andrew got a teepee for his birthday so he was helping daddy set it up!^^
^^playing in the teepee!^^
^^made him a birthday cake! he loved it and so did i!^^
^^playing with his other birthday present... the cars and truck stoage/ramp thing!^^ 
^^my parents gave him a present and it was wrapped and he just went right on over and started
 un-wrapping it. it was so cute! we didn't show him how to do it
 or anything and he just new how to do it! it was the cutest to watch!^^
^^his first birthday party!^^
^^hay, i'm one today!^^
^^loves his daddy!^^
^^i love you my little baby.... not toddler! wah!^^
^^older cousins helping him open his presents!^^
^^best moment is when we gave andrew his smash cake and he starts eating it like this! ha!^^
the after math! (it was not fun to clean up!)
thank you to all family and friends who came to his party or sent me a text to wish him a happy birthday! he is so lucky to have all of you! xo 
now i'm begging....let this next year go slower and let him stay little forever!

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  1. Wow! Is that a convention center? It has been so nicely decorated. I have not seen a party like this before. He is so adorable! He reminds me of my nephew so much. He is till one though. Anyways, God bless this baby and happy birthday. I simply loved this post a lot. everything is perfect here.


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