April 9, 2014


happy news.
I got a new job!!!!
and let me just say it really is the dream job
besides being a mother and since i'm not a mother yet this job is!
like i mentioned in this post i was really feeling stuck and simply wasn't happy what i was doing. 
this job opened up and i applied and i got the job and over 200 people applied for it and i got it!
i was feeling very blessed. 
its the best! less hours (for me that's a bonus!!) doing something i really enjoy doing, i get to do lady things (as me and husband call it)! i have only been working at my new job for only 4 days now and i L O V E it. 
i will NEVER ever again do something i don't love, really though its not worth it. 
i'm all about happiness.
husband is really happy about it and im so happy about it too! 
this last month has been nuts with 2 vacations and getting a new job and all our yard work so i'm a bit behind on spring cleaning the house (yes it needs it), blogging things that i really want to post about and much other things. but in all that crazy-ness life is good.
off subject for a moment disneyland was a D R E A M. oh my goodness i loved it. i will post pictures as soon as things get a little settled around the granges household. thank you to everyone for being so nice and commenting on my blog post and insta giving me advice for disneyland! muah.
 i really appreciate it!
back to topic. 
i'm really happy. i have more time in life, i'm doing something i really love to do! 
win win. 
life is good. love is good. and happiness is good. 


  1. Such a cute little sign. :) Congrats on the new job! It's good to have a job you love, it definitely makes getting up in the morning a little easier. Glad you're so happy. :)

  2. Love this craft! Glad your happy And life if good for you two! Excited to hear about your trip! :))



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