April 6, 2014


OH hey! We've been a little busy around here this last month. 2 vacations and lots and lots of hard work on the house! We did all this stuff for the house in less than 2 weeks! One thing what I really love about brandon is that when he sets his mind to something or if i ask him to do something he simply gets it done! He worked so hard getting everything ready and i'm so proud of him! 
We decided we wanted a bigger patio so we got right to work. We had to take the grass out and my goodness that was hard work. We did it all by hand and let me just say it was hard! 
^^before picture!^^
^^we had to take the sod out with a edger tool and it was some hard work!^^
^^yeppie all the sod out!^^
^^after sod picture!^^
^^after we had to take out the little cement patio we had!^^
^^after we had to get rid of the concrete and my goodness it was heavy!^^
^^we then had to stain the deck!^^
^^here comes the fun part! Pouring cement for the new patio!^^
^^pulling out my weeds! such a great MIL^^
^^pouring some cement!^^
^^pizza for the hard workers!^^
^^getting somewhere!^^
^^my dad and ross were such great help!^^
^^such a cute worker he is!^^
^^all done! YEPPIE!^^
^^after doing the patio we had to stain the fence!^^
^^after and before!^^
^^after staining we started working on the vinyl fence!
^^I can't even began to tell you how happy i am that this fence is up!^^
^^so HAPPY work is done!^^
^^words can't say how happy i am with brandon! He would work all day at work then come home and work till it was past dark! THANKS hunny for making our yard so nice!^^
Beyond happy and now the hard work is done! 
Now onto picking out a patio set and starting are garden and planting more flowers! 
Y E P P I E 
{thanks to everyone that helped with everything we appreciate you so much!}

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  1. It turned out so nice! Congrats on the new deck :D Looks like a lot of hard work!


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