March 25, 2014


{picture from instagram}
these are my first flowers to bloom and i think i took 50 photos of them. ha ha i was so proud. last fall i spent many hours planting flowers and its nice to see your hard work paying off. 
back to the main reason for this post today. 
i'm a very blessed lady and i sure do love heavenly father for that. 
yesterday we found out some really wonderful news and lets just say i was so HAPPY. 
for awhile i felt stuck. i didn't know which way i was suppose to go in life and i just felt stuck. 
sometimes bad things happen so good and wonderful things can. 
heavenly father is one smart man i tell ya. 
i felt so good yesterday. i felt such peace. i know i'm going on this right path and let me just say it 
feels so g o o d. 
we were also blessed with another thing yesterday and it was just so nice
when me and husband were laying in bed last night we felt so blessed and so loved. 
it felt so good.
thank you heavenly father for all you do for us granges and for guiding us on this 
crazy thing called life. 
we sure do love you! 
ps. fun fact this was my 100 post on this blog! whaooo. 


  1. That is so wonderful to hear ♥

  2. So awesome! Cant wait to hear about your happy news =]


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