April 22, 2014

lukes, jessies, mamas and amelias birthday!

so so so behind in blogging but eh its okay because their is no rules of how long ago it was you can or can't blog about! so here we go! here is some photos of my brothers birthday in feb and my sisters in march and same with my mamas and my niece! boy oh boy. 
birthdays galore. 
^this photo above was at my brothers birthday game! he was on the schools basketball team and they had a game on his day so we all went and watched him play and even had a bunch of cupcakes! 
^^playing hard!^^
^^handsome brothers i have! ps kyle i love when you wear v-necks!^^
^^he shoots and he scores!^^
^^cupcake girl!^^
^^its almost impossible to take a decent photo in my fam and boy that lighting in that gym is not so good!^^
^^lets not forget that in the morning of lukes birthday my family facetime me so i could watch him open presents! ps. ignore all those dirty finger prints! eeek!^^
Amelias Birthday!
^^this little girl is my favorite. she has my heart!^^
^^isn't that smile the cutest!^^
^^for her birthday we gave her a doll stroller and she LOVED it!^^
^^melted my heart with that smile!^^
^she is a little crazy about monsters inc and check out this cake my mother made! pure talent!^
Jessie Jo Birthday!
^^only one photo for her birthday but earlier that day we went to a yummy breakfast and later had some strawberry short cake! ps see that little girl in front sneaking some whip cream?^^
Mama's Birthday! 
^^for mamas birthday i made the cake and we put all those candles on!^^
^^their was so many candles i almost blew them out because of my breath so this is me trying not to breath on them! ha ha thanks kevin for your help!^^
^^group photo for mamas birthday we love you so much and it was the greatest day of family and cousins that came down to celebrate! we have the best family and boy we sure do love birthdays!

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