March 28, 2014

happy news!

Were going to Disneyland!!
i'm really excited about it! 
I've never been before and I still have that dream to get pictures with the princess and characters and all the good stuff. I've been dreaming of this for awhile now. 
Really though i'm so pumped. WHAAAOOO for spring break! 
P.S. help time. 
Any advice for Disneyland? Bring a back pack? Camera? Food to try there? Anything?? 
Give me all the fun ideas and tips i might need please. 
I really would appreciate it. 
p.s happy weekend!


  1. Yay, that is so exciting! I've always wanted to go too :D

  2. Wish I had some advice, but I have yet to go! Thats soo exciting!

  3. haha gee girl, i thought for sure you were pregnant! but this is super exciting too! i went for the first time at 17 and spoiler alert: it's just as fun, even when you're not a kid. definitely get a hopper pass for both parks. tower of terror is the greatest ride ever in california adventure. take your time. get a pineapple whip. get a corn dog. (food in the park is CRAAAZY expensive). if you are wanting to splurge, reserve breakfast at Ariel's Grotto. All the princesses come to your table while you eat and spend like 5 minutes with you to get autographs and photos. it's so cute, i loved it. definitely stay for the parade or colors or whatever they call it now, before the park closes. the park is like a whole different place after dark, it's so fun.

  4. I love Disneyland!! There's a few different apps you can download that will show you wait time for lines that way you know what rides to hit up when. Also, I love their churros! World of Color is a must if you're also going to California Adventures. It's so awesome! No matter what you do while you're there, you're going to have a blast!

  5. Disney land is one if my favorite places in the WHOLE WORLD! Definitely get a caramel apple cider in frontier land and get pomme frites and a monte Christo at cafe Orleans. AMAZING.

  6. DISNEYLAND!!! best place on earth!
    you must ride: everything! but especially pirates.
    you must try the pickles and pineapple dole whip.
    give yourself a spending budget because you will go into a disney coma where you must buy everything.
    start off in fantasy land.
    bring snacks so you don't spend all of your money on food.
    take your time to watch parades and see characters, it will make your stay that much more magical.

    okay sorry for the overload, but it's like my happy place!

  7. yay disneyland! you will have SO much fun. get a dole whip & go on space mountain!

  8. You will have so much fun!!! I haven't been to Disneyland for while now. I would have at least 1 person or 2 (depending how big the group is) to have a backpack to hold everything. And of course bring a camera!!!! When my husband and I went to Disney World before a cruise we went on in Florida, it rained and my mother in-law on a ride had those bags on and was hiding herself, we HAD to video tape the whole thing. It was priceless.

  9. ooooooo sooooo jealous! Some people HATE Disney parks cause they are busy but I seriously could go every month. I wanted SO bad to bring my good DSLR camera and lenses when we went a couple years ago, but it's just too much to take to a park. I did take it for when we were playing around at the hotel, but just take a small digital camera that you can stuff into a pocket! Have SO much fun!!!


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