April 24, 2014

travel, beach day and downtown disney!

finally!! here are some photos of the travel day to Disneyland and the beach day we had! i really am having withdrawals from missing disneyland. it was sooooo happy there and magical and happy and magical and happy... you get the point i just miss it and i want to go back NOW! 
thank you to the best in laws for such a wonderful trip!
we flew to cali that morning and went to Huntington beach! seriously like i said here it still is my favorite beach so far. i didn't use my real camera at all on the trip and yes it makes me sad because the photos would have been a lot better quality but i didn't want to ruin or lose it so these
 iphone photos did the best that they could! still love them though! 
^^my in laws got a first class ticket from the airport and they gave it to us! so lucky it was awesome! they feed you the whole time! it was such a treat. snapped these photos before we took off and lets just say it was a smooth flight! thanks again in laws! 
^^i'm obsessed!^^
^^best feeling ever!^^
^^it was the weirdest thing, well i guess not that weird. but there was holes in the beach/water and they were deep and we loved to walk through them. a lot of the time they didn't look that deep but surprisingly were and almost fell in a couple times! ha ha^^
^^nothing better than a beach family selfie!^^
^^it was super windy that day, husband was being so nice to help me with my hair!^^
^^ IN LOVE!^^
^^so many shells!^^
^^chasing some birds. everyone should do this one time in there life.^^
^^Huntington beach thanks again for always being so pretty!^^
after we landed we went to the hotel and rested for a minute and then went to downtown disney! it was so smart of us to go the day before because it got our excitement way pumped for the next day and that way we didn't leave Disneyland early one day to go to downtown disney. 
seriously that place is so happy. i loved it. 
^^lego store was pretty neat! husband loves legos he always is talking how he can't wait to 
play those with our boys one day!^^
^^those mickey ears were darling but pricey!! i was so surprised by how much they were. they sure do know how to get your money from ya! ha ha^^ 
^^mickey ears selfie!^^
^^not positive what this store was called but you could design and build your own toy car! brandon wanted to do it sooo bad but we weren't willing to pay an arm and a leg for it. 
such a smart and fun idea though!^^
^^love them all!^^
^^for dinner we ate at ESPN Zone and it was neat i'm pretty sure any boy would love to eat there i know all the boys in the fam did.^^
^^this was the view from our dinner table!^^
^^our little niece loves the "beast" so had to take a photo with it!^^
ps. talk about the talent to make that!
travel, beach and downtown disney! you did not disappoint! thanks for being so fun and magical even on the first day! i sure do love and miss you tons! xo


  1. How fun!! We've been to Disney World many, many times, but are flying out to Disney Land for the first time ever this summer. Your pictures are making me even more excited...

    1. so HAPPY for you!! its going to be a dream !

  2. Disneyland is my favorite!! Looks like you had a blast.

  3. Wait, whaaaat? I need your cute capris!
    Where did you get them?!
    You're the cutest.


    1. alrighty i believe i got them last spring at jc penny. and if not then target. ha ha i really can't remember but i'm leaning more to jc penny! they're the best capris ever!!


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