March 27, 2014

Cruise Part 2!

Here are the last remain photos from the cruise! I feel like it has took me fooooorever to post them all but we've just been super busy this last month so yeppie after this i'm done sharing them! We had such a great time (minus some people who got sea sick) I wish we could go back. I miss not having to cook and the best part eating all the ice cream cones i want. yuuuum. 
Thanks for a wonderful time cruise! 
^^this would be us partying in the little rooms before the formal night.^^
ps. my dad is so handsome. 
^^maa boyfrannd^^
^^we were such a big group we had to have 2 tables!^^
^^this was the waiter! he was sooo nice.^^
^^i sure do love my little brothers!^^
^^after the formal night we went to a show and guess who got picked to be the people on stage? Me and husband. we competed against one other couple and brandon had to tie a robe on me exactly how the lady demonstrated it. It was not exactly easy. ha ha poor husband did a wonderful job!^^
^^doing such a terrific job!^^
^^since we won the contest Brandon had to do a "walk" down the runway. He did such a good job. EVERYONE was cheering. Proud wife moment there.
Since we "won" I had to go in the back and completely miss the whole show because they were dressing me up for the final part where I would walk out in there outfit with my make-up all done. They called it my diva moment.^^
^^FYI i never ever wear that much makeup. When they were putting the make-up on me I felt like my face was being trapped. ha ha i'm very simple when it comes to that stuff. The one awesome thing about all this was that I got a free facial for doing it and if you've been on a cruise you know that facials or massages on the boat are super pricey so i was real happy about getting that.^^
^^if you've been on a cruise they leave these towel animals. I would have to say its my favorite thing.^^
^^virgin strawberry daiquiri is the BEST.^^
^^its so cool at night in the ship!^^
^^last day on the cruise ship. This is how I relaxed.. hot chocolate, lemon cake, chocolate cake and a magazine. I was in heaven!^^
^^getting some sun!^^
^^all ameila wanted to do was play "ball"^^
^^on the last day this was what they had. so lovely.^^
I mean you can't beat that view can you? Its such a beauty when your on the cruise boat and your in the middle of now where and the ocean just stretches for miles and miles. It really is the best ever and I mean that sunset? woooooow. breath taking. Anywho thanks for a good time cruise! 
Photos of the trip!
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  1. ok i cannot even believe you went backstage & got dressed up/got your makeup done! that looked like it was hilariously fun! all of your pictures have been darling, looks like the trip was a dream!

  2. That looks like so much fun! That would be so cool to have won and gone backstage and everything. I hope my husband and I can go on a cruise soon (:

  3. Your trip sounds like it was sooo much fun! Reading all your posts make me want to go on a cruise so badly...and have a strawberry daiquiri ;)


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