April 14, 2014

weekend fun!

this weekend was oh so good! i really am loving this warm weather and spring time. really everything is better. we've been going hard on all the yard projects so when it gets really warm we will be ready to relax and enjoy the weather! this photo above is me and my little niece at my brothers game. shes so darn cute and please excuse the horrible front face iphone camera. ha ha
here is a few photos from the weekend!
^^taking photos while waiting for the games to start! isn't my little brother so handsome?^^
^^every year the high school all of us went to does an alumni tournament against all the basketball teams. my brothers happen to play against each other! i love going and watching them!^^
^^this spring time is so pretty! i want to take billions of photos...really though!^^
^^saturday morning brandon and i went and got a couples massage that he gave to me for valentines day and my goodness it was lovely. both of us have never got one before and lets just say it was a good time and super hilarious. husband isn't use to being pampered like us women are and he was soooo funny and awkward at first. i had tears in my eyes it was that funny.^^
^^we stopped at a nursery and i was in heaven. it was so pretty and i wanted all those flowers!^^
^^we stopped at the store and got our easter baskets! win for us we picked the cheapest ones!^^
^^hey mister easter bunny!^^
^^husband worked hard and made a pretty flower bed. its not finished because their isn't flowers in it but that's because you can't plant flowers yet or they will freeze so hurry up warm weather!^^
^^i got a strawberry plant! whaoo so much easier then having to bend over and weed and plant them!^^
^^we got the patio set i mentioned and i LOVE it.^^
^^saturday night we went and saw captain america 2 and it was gooood i would totally suggest seeing it! [ps] how funny does brandon look right here? cracks me up.^^
i always feel like after i see those shows that i could save the world. (not really though i'm not strong). good weekend=happy hearts.
thanks for a good time w e e k e n d!! 


  1. We went to see Captain America the other weekend! I love the marvel movies, and my husband loves me more for loving them. Such a cute little yard, by the way. Ugh, you guys are just cute all around. :)

  2. Can't wait to see the garden. Last year I bought one of those topsy turvy things that you hang. And it was an epic fail. Not sure if the tomato plant I bought was bad or the expensive organic soil and plant food. We hung it up and it was literally "oozing" onto the ground. GROSS! Your strawberry plant is too cute though. I'll have to keep my eye out for one.

  3. You guys are cute! Annie saw the easter bunny too but she didn't have a big smile on her face like you did :)

  4. Cute weekend pictures! I love getting the garden/yard ready for summer. It's fun AND you feel super productive! Can't wait to see what comes of yours! \



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