March 25, 2014

Cruise Part 1!

First day of the cruise was so fun! Everyone was so excited. It was fun watching my family experience it. We had such a good time. The weather was so good on the first day so we explored the ship then we all went down the slides and hot tubbing and lets not forget we had about 3028 ice cream cones. It couldn't have been more of the perfect day! 
^^this photo is what a photographer took and i may have took a photo of it because i loved it so much! i sure do love these people!^^
^^this bathroom was so fancy. ha ha^^
^^in the front of the boat!^^
^^cutest little family^^
^^layin out and getting some sun!^^
^^ameila loved the slides it was so fun to watch her.^^
^^love those two so much!^^
^^this little girl was crazy running around the ship. she loved it so much.^^
More photos of the cruise and mexico on its way! 


  1. those waterslides look like a blast!

    1. they really are! I wish i had one in my backyard!

  2. this makes me even more excited about our cruise =]

    1. whaoo for you! you should be excited!


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