March 7, 2014

Pit Stop!

The joy of driving to California means lots of pit stops! This was really the only one I pulled out my camera to take pictures. The sky was so blue that day and cactus's were everywhere. Who knew a pit stop would be so pretty? Not me!I sure am missing that blue sky right now.  I don't even remember what state this was but it sure wins the prettiest pit stop award! 
^^look at that sky!^^
^^being explore-ish!^^
^^i want a cactus in my yard!^^
Group shot because that's what you do at pit stops right? ha ha 
Thanks for the fun time pit stop! 


  1. i grew up in vegas, so i love some good desert scenery. pretty pictures

  2. That looks gorgeous!! I sure miss sunny skies, and I love long road trips and the pit stops they bring! :)


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