March 18, 2014

Long Beach!

Long beach was such a good time! My older siblings finally got to California so we decided to make it a beach day at the beginning! We didn't have to be on the cruise boat till later than day so it worked out perfect so we had time on the beach! It was really such a good day. 
^^my brothers are crazy, literally. They were trying to jump over the waves and as you can see they really didn't succeed. ha ha such boys. ^^
^^such twins its scary.^^
^^this little girl was beyond cute and seeing the ocean!^^
^^such a pretty grandma she is!^^
^^that day was so pretty...really though it wins!^^
^^i love these two!^^
^^these two are soon to be parents and I can't wait!^^
^^this is what happens when luke doesn't get Amelia out of the water fast enough ha ha!^^
^^no clothes ha ha!^^
^^nothing better than racing on the beach i tell ya.^^
^^my sister is such a good mamma!^^
^^It was the craziest thing ever all of a sudden my brother yelled look dolphins and what do you know there was 3 of them and they were right by the shore. It was soooo cool. My brother ran out into the water and of course it scared them and they started going away. (sad) It was really cool though. I have never seen a dolphin before and most of my family hasn't either so you could imagine that we kinda freaked out.^^
^^my favorite people in the whole wide world!^^
^^he is such a tough guy.^^
^^sticking out there stomachs.. such weirdos.^^
^^husband and I running. guess who won?^^
^^we walked onto the pier and bam huge bird. They were super friendly and hungry to I might add!^^
^^my lovely sisters^^
Group photo to end the day. My goodness long beach you were such a good time. Thanks for being so pretty that day and for making my family have the greatest time! 


  1. Such a fun family vacation!! Lovely pictures!! You are very talented!

  2. I'm so jealous! It looks like so much fun! Great pictures!

  3. great pictures! they are making me wish june would get here faster so we could go on our cruise ;) you're adorable!!

  4. what a beautiful beach! that is so amazing about the dolphins. what a cool thing to see!


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