March 26, 2014

Ensenada Mexico!

On the cruise we stopped at Ensenada Mexico! That day was rainy but we all still had fun! We got off the boat and we went around the city, we shopped all day and explored. We had a great time! My sister was so smart and rented us golf carts to take during the day. Pure genius! The little town was so cute the only little sad part is that there was poor children around trying to sell you everything. They weren't at school they were just walking around trying to sell you things. It was so sad I wanted to take them home and teach them. Ensenada was really fun and it sure made me happy were I live. Thanks for a good time Mexico!  
^^we were really lucky we picked the best golf cart. The only reason why i picked that one was because it was pink. ha ha and it definitely the best one. It was the fastest one and the roof covered the best. Below my poor brothers golf cart was so slow and it didn't have a cover so when it would rain they got soaked. ha ha it was really sad.^^

^^luke is such a teenager!^^

^^every building was such a cool color!^^
^^lets talk about how awesome those coke bottles are!?^^
^^shopin shopin^^
^^check out behind us! every store has this much stuff in it! it was crazy!^^
^^ignore the random lady but we got to see a baby lion! it was soooo cute.^^
 ^^see that cute little girl in the pink? she loved my camera. it was the cutest thing following me around and such. she was too cute.^^
^^what that says is NOT TRUE. we just wanted a picture in the faces.^^
^^we went to the yummiest taco place for lunch.^^
^^i wish i had some of that right now!^^
^^just lovin her mama!^^
^^tell me she isn't the cutest!^^
Thanks Ensenada for a great time! 
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  1. My husband and I did that cruise for our honeymoon! We rented a Vespa and zipped around Ensenada. So so fun. Love the pictures!!

  2. THOSE COKE BOTTLES. Amazing! Looks like it was soo much fun!

  3. I went on that exact same cruise in 2012!

  4. Seriously she is the cutest bug ever!! Also you are incorrect, MY golf cart was the fastest...or maybe I was just the leader.


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