May 25, 2016

brandon's graduation!

whaoooo!!! i'm so incredibly proud of you babe! 
brandon graduated at the first of the month from the University of Utah getting his MBA! 
he has spent so many hours and time into school and he did it! 
the only bummer is he has 8 more weeks left of school and then he's officially done. 
the school doesn't do a summer graduation so everyone graduates early but still has to finish school.
i can't wait for him to be done. i'm pretty sure come end of july i will cry happy tears!
here are some photos of the graduation day! 
^^had to get up early since the ceremony was at 9am down in salt lake! 
celebrated with a few graduation gifts!^^
^^i spy my handsome husband!^^
^^we're so proud of you brandon. your sacrifices you have done for the family and for working so hard at school. we're simply SO proud!^^
^^everyone who came to support at the graduation. 
brandon and i are so lucky to have everyones support while he's been in school.^^ 
CHEERS to a few kisses and  IT ALMOST BEING OVER! 

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