June 6, 2016

north fork camping!

we went camping for the first time this year up at north fork!
this is coming our favorite little camp place close to home. its so beautiful up there! 
spending time outdoors and being with the ones you love really gets to me. 
i really love camping! i'm so thankful we're a camping family! 
this weekend was much needed. may came and went in a blur. 
lots of weddings, graduations, flu, colds, teething baby and a big trip and much more.
may left me tired and ready for summer so this camping trip this weekend was awesome!
it was very relaxing and wanna know the best part? i read a whole book!!!! 
in two whole days i started and finished a book. it was so nice. 
thats my favorite thing to do while camping is sit around the fire and read a good book. 
if you're on the lookout for a good book read the selection series. SO GOOD. 
photos of the weekend below! 
^^the view going up to camp. it was beautiful!^^
^^helping dad cook breakfast!^^
^^this little fella loves camping! last year he was 4 months when we went camping so we didn't really know what to expect this year because of a crazy little toddler boy but he was a champ. 
climbed onto everything, always was holding rocks or sticks and loved just being outside!^^
^^helping daddy start the fire. 
I think brandon is enjoying having a little boy around to show all these things too!^^
^^outta focus but this photo makes me happy. i love you husband!^^
^^these two make my heart pitter patter!^^
surpsingly i didn't take that much photos this weekend i was to busy reading. ha! 
here is last years blog post at north fork... i can't handle how little andrew was! 
cheers to more camping trips this year!!!

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