June 27, 2016

oneida narrows!

summer is in full swing around here! 
we have enjoyed it by going camping and just being outside.
this summer might be my favorite one yet.
fathers day weekend we went camping to one of our favorite place, oneida narrows!
it was so much fun!
that place is seriously beautiful and being with my love ones, doing what we love...
man, there's nothing better than that. 
some photos of the time below.
ps. last year here.... goodness andrew was so little! 
^^it really is so beautiful here!^^
^^helping daddy get the fishing pool ready!^^
^^uncle kyle showing andrew the fish daddy caught.... andrew was not a fan! ha^^
^^andrew's first time floating the river... he didn't like getting splashed but other than that he liked it! 
kept wanting to put his hands in the water!^^
^^this is when he got splashed and needed mama!^^
^^little boys playing with trucks and tractors!^^
^^cousin karter had this dumptruck and andrew was all about it! he pushed that everywhere!
he loved it so much that 2 days later when we came home we went and bought him one!^^
^^these boys and their grandpa! they look so big compared to last years photo of that!^^
^^the water was so cold i didn't want to sit down ha!^^
^^the clan going down the river!^^
^^this boy sure does love his daddy!^^
it was such a good time. 
anytime that invloves family, food and outdoors is a great time!
last year at oneida found HERE 
and 2014 can be HERE

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