June 15, 2016

my little boy

this little fella is growing up so fast whether i like it or not.
he's going to be 15 months on thursday and this little stage he's in right now is just so much fun!
i just wanna write some stuff down so i can remember how he was at 15 months.
he's such a little boy. loves tractors, cars and being outside oh and he loves books.
he likes to help me water flowers and the garden.
 he loves to play in his sandbox and the garden. loves dirt! ha
loves mater from cars and dusty from planes. anytime he see's a plane outside we say
"look andrew there's dusty" and he just gets a big smile. its the cutest.
he can quack like a duck, bark like a doggie and say dadgum like mater.
he still takes two naps a day and eat's like a champ and really loves chocolate milk in the morning!
he has mastered throwing fits if he doesn't get his way. he will lay on the ground or stop his feet.
when he falls or something goes wrong or he's mad at someone he will point his little finger at you or the object and get mad at it. it really is hilarious.
he's such a talker. he's always gib gabbin (i just made that word up ha!) we love his little voice.
he's the best at giving kisses and hugs.
oh and waving goodbye and blowing kisses.
little andrew i love who you are, i love that you're mine and i'm so proud of you!
happy 15 months baby boy.
ps. last year at the same time we took photos in front of the purple flowers and he was SO little.
blog post of that can be found HERE

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