May 30, 2016

oceanside, california!

hello! hello! 
two weeks ago we went to oceanside california for a whole week! 
it was so beautiful and relaxing. 
we stayed at this amazing beach house right on the beach! 
literally you went out the door and walked across the little road and bam beach! 
it was so fun to be that close to the beach we went down 
and dipped our toes in the water so many times. 
it was a great week filled with plenty of ocean time and disneyland and great food and sun! 
here are some photos i snapped through out the week! 
^^this was the top of the beach house. it was soooo nice. there also was a hot tub up there and these comfy couches. it was such a beautiful view!^^
^^andrew woke up way early before anyone else got up so we enjoyed each morning looking at the ocean from up top and also hot tubing!^^
^^he LOVED touching the ocean for the first time!^^
^^these things... goodness i love palm trees. so pretty!^^
^^this little fella loved the ocean and the sand. he was in heaven!^^
^^cutest little niece!^^
^^jumping for joy because we were having the best time!^^
^^andrew smashed those things so fast. he was in heaven when we showed them to him and he went crazy smashing them!^^
^^my love and my best friend. i'm so thankful for you husband!^^
^^another awesome thing was there was playgrounds right by our beach house so these little cousins were in heaven!^^
^^i have no caption for this besides i love the ocean!^^
^^walking on the pier to go to lunch at rubys!^^
^^silliest little boy!^^
^^first time eating at ruby's and it was so good! if you ever get the chance to eat there do it!^^
^^just hanging out on the beach again. it seriously was so awesome being so close!^^
^^my little love. he loved the water. his diaper was filled with sand!^^
^^this view was killing me every night watching the sunset!^^
california had these purple trees everywhere and they were beautiful! 
i want them everywhere in utah!
a little video of the trip is coming soon PLUS our time at disneyland! 
thanks so much for a fun trip in laws!!!


  1. Looks like you had an amazing time. Love your swimsuit in the first pic! Where did you get it?

    1. i got it at costco!
      thank you it really was so much fun! xo


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