June 8, 2016

DISNEYLAND + a video!

when we were in california we decided to go to disneyland! 
it was an hour drive but it was sooo worth it! 
this is my second time going to disneyland and that place seriously is magical. 
having andrew there made it even better. throughout the day i almost needed to pinch myself
because it seriously was the most magical best day.
i kept telling brandon this day has to make my favorite top 5 days of my life so far. ha!
at the end of the video is when we were riding into the park at the first of the day
 and we saw andrew's favorite thing ever.. MATER from cars.
he loves mater and we love that he does! and you'll have to excuse my mom voice. 
sometimes you get way to excited for your kids. ha! 
and i do have to say my favorite part of this video is when donald duck tickles andrew. 
that seriously was the best ever!
enjoy the video and here are some photos of the day below!
^^seriously we were so happy to be at disneyland!^^
^^the flowers and trees at disneyland were breathtaking. everything was so beautiful!^^
^^his little cheeks kill me!^^
^^family selfie!^^
^^the best treat at disneyland!^^
^^we didn't know how andrew would react to the characters. we didn't know if he would love them or be totally terrified but he did great! he loved pluto and donald duck the best. he even gave lots of the characters kisses. it was seriously the best watching him with them!^^
^^we love micky!^^
^^oh goofy you're so goofy!^^
^^ andrew was completely terrified of cruella de vil! it was so funny he kept turning his head so he wouldn't have to look at her!^^ 
^^2016 grad!!! we celebrated at disneyland... what better way!^^
^^he was in heaven in toontown! he loved driving that car!^^
it was the best day ever. 
seriously when we look at photos from that day
 or watch the video it just puts a smile on all our faces. 
its a good thing disneyland is forever away because if it was close by i'd totally go all. the. time. 
two years ago at disneyland can be found HERE.

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  1. this video is seriously the cutest thing ever! I need you to teach me how to do this!


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