February 24, 2014

The Duck Pond!

On Sunday afternoon we went for a walk to the neighbored pond. Its this cute little pond that you can go fishing at and there are ducks everywhere. Its the cutest little area. I can't wait till we have kiddos because they will love it there and it has a playground so that's a win. We picked out a good little area for our first home I mean just down the street is a pond. Woot Woot.
We brought some bread to give the ducks and they loved it! We made a game of it to make sure every duck that came over to us would get a piece of bread. It was actually quite the fun game. I'm so glad that we do little activities like this together. I sure do love my husband. This weather has been fabulous lately. I sure hope its here to stay! 


  1. you guys are cuties.
    sunday walks are the best.

  2. i love this duck pond! we have one by our apartment that a lot smaller--but it is seriously so magical! you guys are adorable. also--i posted my 5 random facts on my blog, since i had already done it on instagram a couple of times before :)

  3. That is such a sweet thing to do together! I love the pictures :D


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