February 6, 2015

baby room update!

our favorite place in our house is hands down the baby's room. we always just hang out in there. 
i love it. its came a long way. the room before was kinda my little storage place. its where i did my make up and just stashed all my unnecessary junk i have. ha ha cleaning it out took some time. 
we first needed to paint the room you will see why below... hideous! brandon worked really hard on the baby's room during his christmas break. thank you hubby! it looks so good!  
^^WHY they painted it like this is beyond me!^^ 
^^we decided to paint the walls a light gray. we LOVE it!^^
^^painting all day long!^^
^^this was such a fun night setting up the crib. brandon surprised me and bought the crib all by himself. #proudwife!^^
^^reading instructions!^^
^^i mostly sat and watched and laid in my body pillow!^^
^^my mother gave us a rocking chair that needed to be re-painted and the cushions needed to be redone too. she did that part and brandon spray painted the chair white for me. i love it!^^
so now we got a dresser and a crib and a rocking chair. 
all i need to do is work on decorating... which is the hard part. 
6 more weeks! ahhhhh!! 


  1. I LOVE IT! and i feel ya, the people before us painted the nursery walls a color i'm dead sure is called "dirty water". you're sooooo close!!

  2. WAIT WAIT WAIT we get to meet this cute baby boy in 6 weeks?!?!?! I'm so excited!!!!!

  3. Looks great! Baby nurseries are the best- and that brown wall before was yucky! We are working on our sons nursery as well. What kind of paint did you use for your rocker?


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