September 25, 2015

andrew's nursery!

finally getting around to posting andrew's nursery! 
we've had his room done before he was born but hey 6 months later i'm sharing it. 
i won't ever forget the memories of painting, decorating and getting all the furniture for this room with the hubby. we had late night paintings and putting the crib up and driving to ikea late at night to get the dresser. those memories i'll always cherish.
when i found out i was having a baby boy i looked on pinterest for ideas for baby boy rooms and everything for a boy was dark green or navy and i'm not the biggest fan of those colors. 
i wanted something different and my style! 
finally we decided on the colors mint, black, gray and white. 
i loved how it all turned out. brandon and i always say its our favorite room in the house! 
here are some photos of andrew's little nursery below! 
nothing is more fun when you're pregnant and you're getting your baby's room ready!
also thank you to my wonderfully talent mother who practically sewed everything in this room.  
you're the best and we're so lucky to have you!
here is a blog post of what the room looked like before it was all done. 
boy it sure has came a long way! ha 

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