September 4, 2015

bear lake with the grubbards!

last weekend we went to bear lake with brandon's family! 
it was so much fun. bear lake is coming my new favorite little place to go. 
brandon and i have chatted and we wanna take our little tent trailer up there next year and go camping. we went at the perfect time to go to bear lake i think. it wasn't packed with people everywhere and the weather was still great. my mother in law rented a condo and it was lovely. it had lots of grass to play on and it was walking distance to the beach. 
it was a good time. beach time, good food, volleyball and shakes (which are a must at bear lake!) 
here are some photos of the trip below! 
^^little cousins!^^
^^sister sisters!^^
^^B+J+A=my happiness!^^
^^we rented jet ski's and it was so fun! brandon mostly did the driving i liked to just hold on and enjoy the ride. i did try driving and i'll just say we will let brandon stick to the driving! ha!^^
^^such a good dad putting his baby to sleep. (insert heart emojis here!)^^
^^give me a paddle board and i'm set!^^
^^my world. i'm so lucky to have these boys!^^
^^it was a shocker he didn't cry because he isn't a fan of cold water but he was so curious!^^
^^first time dipping his toys in sand!^^
^^wouldn't look at the camera just the water and sand!^^
^^see what i mean... haha so curious!^^
^^this was the backyard to the condo. it was beautiful!^^
^^sadie's got a grasshopper!^^
^^finally all together!^^
bear lake you're beautiful and so fun! 
i will return.... mark my words. ha! 
another bear lake trip found HERE

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