March 1, 2015

37 weeks!!

happy march 1st!!! 
i can't believe its finally the month of march. this is the month were i finally get to meet my little one! saying i'm a little excited is an understatement. i remember finding out clear back in july that i was going to be a mommy and thinking my goodness march is fooooorever away and BAM its finally march. if i was to go on my exact due date i have 19 days to wait to kiss and cuddle that little babe. 
i wouldn't mind if it came a little sooner through. 
everyday i wonder if he will have hair or no. if he will look more like his daddy or mom. brandon and i can't wait to see what his little personality will be like. the other night brandon said i wonder if he will be more like me or more like you and i replied hopefully both.
 (because we both are pretty awesome. hahahahha just kidding) 
how far along are you? 37 weeks and day 3 today! 
gender? boy! boy! boy! 
maternity clothes?  i'm at that point where i literally have 5 shirts that still fit and that are long enough. so i'm always in those shirts oh and husbands tee shirts. 
how big is baby? size of a winter melon (19-22in and 6.5lbs). is what the app is guessing but last tuesday my doctor estimated him to be around 5 pounds. 
weight gain? i've gained a total of 25 so far. doctor says i'm right on track. i'm so proud of myself for gaining that much weight. i love stepping on that scale. 
sleep? i'm getting a whole lot of sleep but also not a whole lot at the same time. 
couple nights ago we were up because little guy had the hiccups and wouldn't stop moving. 
movement? oh yes. sometimes it looks like a creature is in my tummy trying to get out. ha 
labor signs? nothing yet. i am dilated to a 1 cm and 60-70% effaced! 
best moment this week? pretty much all the way prepared for this little guy! oh and getting to hear his heartbeat every tuesday. (my fav!) 
some happy moments? when the baby starts kicking the second brandon gets home and he can hear his daddy's voice. or at church when we sing hymns. he loves music! 
what am i looking forward to? being a mom and seeing my baby! 


  1. So so so so so so so excited and I can't wait., I was just thinking about you. I can't wait to squeeze that little baby!

  2. You look so beautiful! :) Lucky you that you get to meet your baby this month :)


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