February 16, 2015

35 weeks!!

35 weeks! 
my oh my! i can't believe i'm 35 weeks. do you guys realize that this little guy could come really soon now? its starting to freak me out. when i hit my 35 week mark i realized no more messing around and time to get serious. everyday i'm crossing off things off my to do list. so much to do to prepare for this little guy. i really can't wait. i'm so excited to meet him! 
how far along are you? 35 weeks and 5 days to be exact! 
gender? BOY! 
how big is baby? honeydew melon (19-22in, 5.5lbs!)
maternity clothes? just my one pair of pants! i actually put on these red pants and they buttoned up! i was so impressed. ha ha also started wearing husbands tee shirts. (so smart!)
sleep? i really can't complain i still get good sleep. i wake up a lot during the night and think of things i need to do and i and toss and turn a lot. 
movement? this little guy sure does love to kick his mama. the other day my ribs were so sore! 
weight gain? last apt i gained 3 pounds in 1 weeks! i'm starting to go every week now. so lets see how much i add on. ain't going to lie stepping on the scale is kinda fun. ha ha my nurse said 
"you're the only one who cheers when she steps on the scale!"  
food cravings? nothing specific. just like my food! 
food aversions? nope! thank heavens! 
labor signs? nope. which is wonderful lets keep him cooking a little longer! 
belly button in or out? its totally out. 
best moment this week?  getting more and more ready for him to come and feeling his little movements. he loves church hymns and loves when i'm in the car singing taylor swift. he will always start kicking for those 2 things! 
some happy moments? this little guy gets the hiccups everyday. its my favorite to say brandon he has the hiccups! oh and baby showers! they're the best. i have one more this week!
 baby boy is spoiled. 
what am i looking forward to? seeing this little guy! i can't wait to see what he looks like and
 i really just wanna hold my baby in my arms. 
ps. i think we will make a pretty cute baby if i do say so myself! ha ha 


  1. Husband shirts are life savers! I wore my husbands during my third trimester too. haha. Proud of you for being okay with the scale, I would close my eyes when I got on it.
    So excited to see your baby, he is going to be adorable!!

    1. i like the scale. i find it a challenge. ha ha
      yes to husband shirts! they're the best!
      thank you! pretty excited to see his little face too. xoxo

  2. You are wearing regular pants at 35 weeks?! Lucky...I was wearing fat pants from the second I saw a positive sign!


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