March 8, 2015

life lately!!

some photos of life lately. busy busy busy. 
this photo above is either at lowes or home depo. i feel like we live there!^^
^^i had my last day of work the other week and brandon brought me a "last day of work treat!" he really is the sweetest! i'm going to miss my job!^^
^^if you ask brandon he will say he is getting his dad shots! ha ha^^
^^i would say all the in laws are excited for the baby to come!^^
^^taking full advantage of these parking spots!^^
^^the other day i washed babys clothes. something about washing little peoples clothes that is so cute and lets talk about how good they smell after!^^
^^last weekend we decided to go to dinner. we realize soon that we won't be able to go on a date just as us for awhile so we're soaking in all the alone time togetherness as we can!^^
^^i cut my hair. lots came off. i'm calling it my mom hairdo!^^
^^this is at church today while i didn't go to sunday school. sitting for 3 hours is a no!^^
^^this photo was from a couple months ago but i love it and haven't blogged this photo. its on my fridge. baby karter i love you!^^
^^the other day i was babysitting these 2 rascals and i said look at me and smile. this is Amelia trying to get mason to look at me. hahaha!^^ 
^^looking at tent trailers with the men. gotta have something to stay in while we go camping!^^
^^swinging time with aunt jennie!^^
^^just having a little tea party!^^
^^if i had to make my older brother into a baby he would look exactly like this!^^
this first photo was today after church. i needed a snack so i grabbed all the bags of candy and sat down. brandon thought it was funny but really what better after church snack is better than this?^^
and that's a wrap! 


  1. You look so cute! Your baby bump makes me miss mine.. I can't wait to see pictures of your little one :)

  2. i loooooove your hair! favorite!


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